About Therapy

There are different reasons for why a person might consider counselling or psychotherapy.

Sometimes there isn’t a friend, neighbour or family member to turn to when you are experiencing difficulties, perhaps through loss, stress, depression or relationship problems.

You may be experiencing an array of feelings you are finding hard to manage and need a counsellor to listen to you and support you. Counselling can help you to explore and make sense of them.

Alternatively, you may just feel you would like a space to reflect on yourself, to gain a greater understanding and perhaps identify thoughts, behaviours and ways of relating to others and yourself that are unhelpful to you. By gradually confronting ways of being that only serve to lower confidence and self esteem, positive change might be achieved.

Whatever difficulties you might be experiencing, I, as a counsellor can offer you an opportunity for exploration in a confidential, non judgemental atmosphere where insight might be gained, different perspectives observed and as a result fresh choices perceived.

You can find me in EN5 which is close to Oakwood, Enfield and Hadley Wood and is well connected via train, tube or bus and is in easy reach of Enfield, Southgate, Cockfosters, Potters Bar and Barnet.